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The need for a ministry to reach out to families that face medical challenges increases every year. According to the Wisconsin Birth Defects Registry of 2007, there were 2,447 children reported to have been born with some type of medical challenge. That is on average 1 in every 30 children. This does not include the pregnancies that were lost prior to 20 weeks gestation or those that were chosen to be terminated because of medical issues. These statistics also do not include children that have been injured or acquired long term medical issues due to illness. All of these families have unique challenges that need to be met.
We have a perfect example of how to help families in need. CHrist had compassion on all who were in need. He did all that He could to help them. We cannot heal any child like Christ did, but we can provide comfort and encouragement through the road ahead. It often seems that you are all alone and nobody understands or cares. We are available at any time, and we do care.

Mikula Family