Mephibosheth Ministries is pleased to offer you several wonderul links and resources for your family and your church to use to learn more about how to help others with medical challenges, be supportive of families with children who have medical challenges, and much more. Please take a look around, and be sure to let us know if you find a resource you think we should add! Thanks.

Mephibosheth Bible Studies

Mephibosheth Ministries has developed a book that contains six Bible studies that answer some of the questions that my wife and I have asked in the last 11 years including: How do I deal with a personal disaster? Is a medical challenge God's fault? Why does God allow medical challenges in our lives? Is it possible to to meet the needs of a family member with medical needs and maintain a relationship with my spouse? Why should you praise God? and How do you persevere while meeting the needs of a family member who is facing a medical challenge?


Do You Know...

You can download a free braille KJV Bible or get other Bible resources for the blind and visually impaired, at www.biblesfor the